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Semilon LED Solves your Needs

Energy efficiency.

LED Lights significantly reduce your power bill. Saves upto 70% power compared to conventional light fittings. Help to optimize use power sources like Diesel generators and solar power.

Reduce Maintenance cost.

When you use LED lights, Re-lamping costs are less compared to CFLs and HIDs. Re-lamping means higher labour charges and loss of productivity of your floor space. LEDs are coming with life time even more than 5 times the life of CFLs.

Improved aesthetics and ambience .

Semilon LED lights offer a wide variety of colours , colour temperature and lenses which means we offer light you need when and where you need it.

  • Get control over your electricity bill
  • call 08030010549

  • Get control over your electricity bill
  • call 08030010549

All about LEDs

Main Parts

  1. LED chip
  2. LED Driver
  3. Heat Sink (which is generally LED fixture body)
  4. Wires
  5. Harness

LED lights are sensitive to fluctuations. Enabling surge protection (both internal & external) for LED drivers ensures higher protection The key factor is the thermal compound which is applied as an interfacing material between LED chip thermal exchange pad and heat sink. Criterions in selecting and integrating components result in a high performance and highly reliable LED product.

Using adequate thermal interfacing to conduct the heat from LED junction to the surface of heat sink ensures junction temperature of the LED chip specified by the manufacturer to be within the permissible limit.

Improper assembling setups will cause permanent ESD damages to luminaries. Proper measures should be provided to handle the luminaries to protect them from static charge that will ensure a high life to LED luminaries.

  • Get control over your electricity bill
  • call 08030010549

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